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Rising above (review)
Come together (review)
Lisa McCune is on stage, dressed in a headscarf, sunglasses, long dowdy dress and boots. She is playing Elizabeth Laine, the fifty-something wife of a Depression-era boarding house owner in Duluth, Minnesota, in Midwest America, but her look conjures memories of another famous eccentric shut-in: the one-time socialite Little Edie from the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens.

Elizabeth is often emotionally absent even while she is physically present on stage for most of Girl from the North Country, Irish playwright Conor McPherson’s brilliantly bleak musical tale set in the birthplace of troubadour singer-songwriter Bob Dylan and utilising 22 of Dylan’s songs.

As a nation, are Australians mature enough to acknowledge past wrongs? Do we even possess the base metal of curiosity to engage across cultures, when our disparate understandings of space, time and country struggle in translation?

In (stay), a premiere work at Carriageworks for Sydney festival, two skeletons are found in a dried-up creek bed on a remote Queensland farm, drawing together three women who have never met.

Steve's essays Bent Man Running published in Growing Up Queer in Australia and Stream drama in Meanjin autumn 2020.
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