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Oz drama on life support?
Stream drama


With Netflix et al. feasting on free-to-air business models, whither Australian drama if content quotas are eliminated?

My yarn with Lauren Carroll-Harris at #TheScreenShow on Arts on Radio National here.

My Stream Drama essay is in the
autumn 2020 edition of Meanjin. 
On a wet and squally September day in Sydney, being greeted by Deborah Mailman is a tonic. Wearing reading spectacles and a black tracksuit top with white stripes, she steps away from her laptop in this ABC office to smile radiantly with both arms extended for a handshake. Then she throws her head back, claps her hands and laughs when I recite her salty dialogue as a senator in Total Control.

'I know you fought my appointment, you two-faced slimy fuck,’ says Senator Alex Irving on the phone in a pub scene in episode two. ‘Let me tell you, mate, the average Australian would rather a used condom as prime minister than you, so you can fuck right off, you fuckin’ hypocrite.’

Steve's essays Bent Man Running published in Growing Up Queer in Australia and Stream drama in Meanjin autumn 2020.
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